This stunning alphabet was created for the State Library of New South Wales, Australia, from items in their own collections for their centennial celebration. Brilliant.

I've got alphabets on the brain since I've started a collection to decorate my daughter's room, with each letter by a different artist.

Clockwise from top left: T for Turtle by WeeDoodle; G for Giraffe by JHill; N for Nitrogen by Modern Pop; C for Car by Simone Capote.

There are so many great alphabets out there it's been hard to decide which letters from each to use. It's a fine balance between picking a favorite design and creating a nice assortment (with no overlaps).

We've got about 10 letters so far but I'm still working on how best to frame them. Originally I wanted to use all identical 10" square white wood frames, but misremembered the sizes of the Ribba frames from Ikea (they're only 9" square). I certainly don't want to crop any of the prints down, and custom framing just isn't in the cards, so a smorgasbord it is.

I suppose it's time to start designing the Albertine alphabet...

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