Resolutely 2010

Not only is it a new year, but I'm already a week late on resolutions. They're banging around in my head, things I've been meaning to do, hoping to do more often, determined to do better. For starters, more regular blog updates (which means more photographing).

2. finish the new accounting / inventory system switch
3. update the website with our latest designs
4. create new packaging for boxed sets of note cards
5. prepare early for the Stationery Show

These are the big things. Some of the big things. Posting them here will hopefully keep me honest and on target.

With a baby on the move, a print-shop manager going on sabbatical, and wedding design season upon us it may take some time to achieve all of these, so I suppose for one last resolution:

6. organize a better schedule to manage and grow the business, find quality design time, raise my baby girl, and keep a happy home life

Bring it on, 2010!

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