National Stationery Show - hot spots

When I wander away from the booth during the show, it's for one of two reasons - the other booth is close by, or it's very, very cool.

Ink + Wit was both. Tara's work is absolutely charming and I just adore her illustrations. Keep an eye out for her stamp set at a store near you (those are some of the myriad creations possible). With Sadie's current owl obsession I was hearting on the owl print and managed a neat trade to take it home!

While Mr. Boddington's Studio may be best known for their decadent wedding invitations, their booth was my wow, and made with nothing more than foam core and a sharpie marker (okay, probably a few sharpies) plus some envelope liners for the awning. Just awesome.

The family behind Lead Graffiti might just be my new letterpress heroes. Their cards have the most gorgeous ink saturation and the absolute finest, most obsessively perfect multi-color printing alignment I've ever seen. I might have to plan a Delaware pilgrimage to visit their studio and see them in action.

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Unknown said...

I have to agree, Lead Graffiti is obsessive about multi-color printing alignment. I have seen them in action, futzing and futzing with the alignment. And double printing colors for saturation.