Walking the show with Sadie

Sadie visited me at the show and wanted to show everyone some of her favorite booths.

She was totally digging the crayon sets and place mats at 9spotmonk.

Here she is advising me on my Waste Not Paper order (three new colors!).

Saying hi and scoring swag from fellow Bostonians Smudge Ink.

Taking a closer look at the wooden Kingdom Animalia from Enormous Champion.

The hippo, definitely.

She was sad to leave behind the circus of silk-screened cards at Two Trick Pony.

She found out from Liz when we can get our 2011 Linda and Harriett calendar.

And finally demanding her Schrodinger's cat puppet back from another tyke who "borrowed" it at the Ladies of Letterpress booth (including auntie Kelly's May Day Studio).

Thanks, Sade!


Cyd said...

This is so cute! Probably the best NSS recap post I've seen to date! She's adorable.

CryBabyInk said...


angela said...

Absolutely adorable! She has so much fun with you!

Michelle said...

Omigosh I'da been going bonkers in there...all that glorious paper!!!

night owl paper goods said...

What a precious little pea! She's so cute! What a fabulous NSS recap... she's already a stationery star!

chocolatecup said...

that is sooo amazing! your daughter is sooo cute:)

Shelley Barandes said...

Thanks, everyone. Sadie's an old pro - this is her second show already and she's barely a year old. Next year we have her slated to sell sell sell!

Maggie said...

Sadie obviously has impeccable taste (have you been coaching her?!)! I'm verrry much looking forward to meeting her next time we're up in Boston this summer!