Miles of piles

At the end of August we shipped out a giant batch of our Bright Ideas journals to Anthropologie! All 17 boxes-worth marked the end of a month of non-stop journal production (I admit we have some streamlining to do before we take on this sort of project again...). Here are some of the pictures of the mountains of covers, innards and tags in production.


Printed covers, before the fold.

Covers folded, waiting for "guts" (we had to scrounge up every available box in the studio as temporary housing for the various steps in progress).


This is what 63,000 sheets of paper looks like (yes, all three boxes).

Here are a few hundred of them folded and ready to be stapled into their covers.

Our bird tags printed and all cut down. Now they just had to be hole-punched and tied to the completed sets. Believe it or not, I sat through many quiet hours at the Gift Fair punching holes (even as our buyers from Anthro came by to say hi) to keep things moving. It was the only reasonably portable step I could take out of the studio!

Look for your own set of Bright Ideas journals in stores now!

With never-ending thanks to Becka, Matt, Jesse, Daphne, Melissa, Danielle, Rachel and especially Bobsie and Daniela (our tireless interns) for making this happen!

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angela said...

Congratulations Shelley! I'm happy to see some pics of the process. It looks as an amazing amount of work!