Sadie takes on the NYIGF

Near the end of the show I took Sadie around to visit some fellow exhibitors. She was a bit short-tempered (getting over a cold) but we had some highlights to our walk.


First stop, Smock (aka Boxcar) where Sadie absconded with a paper pennant which she loved waving around.


Continuing the snack tour down the aisle to Pistachio Press. I love the pops of green on the furniture throughout the booth - so simple yet so effective.

A trip upstairs earned Sadie some goodies including a pack of letterpress place mats and crayons from 9spotmonk. When the blue crayon broke the tear ducts opened and a storm was born with Vivian and Tiff scrambling to find Sadie a new crayon (did I mention she was a bit on edge?). That calmed her down and she went right back to coloring in the letters.

Since her mood at the time had me rethink our initial plan to visit the toy aisles, we opted instead to head back to the Piers to our neighbors City Girl Farm and their giant chicken footstools. Sadie *adored* them and we spent a good ten minutes petting the chickens.

Mom's booth was old hat and we didn't even get a picture of her in there. We'll just have to wait until January for more from Sadie on the trade show floor.

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