Our gift show commute

Our truly torturous one mile walk along stunningly sculpted pedestrian park on the Hudson River Greenway.

A burned out old pier - I love that they just left it there, probably because it's too expensive to remove, but it stands as this historical remnant of the former glory of the piers. Gritty-pretty to boot.

The wild grasses planted along the walkway.

Lounge chairs.

Oh my goodness, the benches with awnings in the same wood as the walkway we just left! And solar-powered street lamps! The architect and designer in me has died and gone to heaven.

Surf? In Manhattan? But of course! It's so easy to forget the reality of the water on the shore when most of the day you're surrounded by towers of glass and steel (and the smell of garbage, and honking taxis, and hordes of people, and and and) but here it was just the crash of the river-surf on the rocks. Okay, and the surf-like sounds of the cars on the west side highway behind us.

Love it.

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