Sadie at NSS - Part 1

It's that time again - Sadie takes us through her favorite letterpress booths at the National Stationery Show (we have nothing against non-letterpressers, but Sadie pooped out before we got to see any).

First stop is May Day Studio where Sadie points out some of her favorite patterns in Kelly's display of hand-bound and letterpress printed albums, journals and note books.

Just next door, the origami mobile at Paper Boat Studios caught her eye, and Sadie was gifted with one of her own.

We're loving the print of their origami logo.

Around the corner we pick up paper windmills from our Twitter friends at Joie Studio (great carpet).

We started setting up little tableaus with all of the acquired goodies and friends, Matt the monkey and Mr. Pig. Ilee Paper Goods was an excellent backdrop.

Love love love the Greetings From line of cards.

Chocolate covered pretzels awaited us at 9SpotMonk where Tiffany helped make Matt and Mr. Pig comfortable.

Their new line of cards is a nice call back to the graffiti cards they produced a few years back. The bold graphics, colors, lettering are all awesome.

Another letterpress and bookbinding heaven, Igloo Letterpress had some great wooden letters in their display, perfect for play.

The townhouse journals are incredible and make a little neighborhood when all lined up on the shelf.

Sadie stopped to smell the roses, rather the incredible paper flower display at Sugarcube Press. It was even more fun than the Chihuly installation we visited because this one we could touch!

The ladies at Two Trick Pony inspired an impromptu yoga session (it's hard standing there all day long) with a downward facing dog in the aisle.

Sadie does her own impression of a finger mustache while posing next to the typestache bag from our across-the-aisle neighbors (and Louie Award winners!) Old Tom Foolery

Animal coasters and cards at Sesame Letterpress!

Look! A pig! Hannah from Pie Bird Press gifted Sadie and Mr. Pig one of her pig cards to add to our collection (we already have three other Pie Bird masterpieces hanging in our home).

Sadie was a good sport making it through so many booths, even as she got tired of saying hello to so many new people. Next stop Albertine Press.


nole said...

Aw, she's so cute!! And I can't believe how big she's gotten – I still remember her as a tiny wee thing in a sling two years ago!

Anna said...

Cute! Thanks for the tour, Sadie! Nice to see what we missed!

angela said...

So happy Sadie shows me around the cool booth, so I discovered something new!

Unknown said...

Nice write up :)
Nice to meet you finally.