Sadie at NSS - Part 2

And we're back "home" at the Albertine Press / Carta, Inc. booth. While Sadie was adorable in Zutano, both Angela and I sported Susy Pilgrim Waters originals.


Sadie chilled out in the corner methodically taking out and arranging all of my business cards.

The tableau of gifts and goodies relocated as well.

Angela's ribbons are so ridiculously photogenic.

I was so excited to meet one of Smudge Ink's newest additions (there are two), Oliver.

Lots of other design babes made appearances at the show, including Maika of Chewing the Cud (perhaps the happiest, cuddliest little girl!), Griffen from Linda & Harriett, Avery and Abigail (the other Smudglings), and one Enormous Champion baby-to-be. Next year look for the booth set up as a daycare for the toddling lot.

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