Greetings from 2012 - San Francisco

I'm so excited to start sharing our 2012 calendar with everyone. Yes, we're running a wee late with it (is it me, or are the calendar round ups getting earlier each year?) and furiously cranking away the last month and cover so we can get to the hole punching and ribbon tying and packaging parts.

Every month in the calendar will feature an original sketch from a different city in the US or around the world. One or two may be familiar from our Letterpress Library collection of note cards, but most are brand new (though stay tuned for new Library volumes next year). When you're done with each month, flip over the page, cut along the dotted line and voila! a ready-to-send postcard. 

I'll be sharing each of the month designs over the coming weeks, along with some of the inspiration I drew from to create each image. 

I love cities and for each illustration tried to find something iconic about each city, not necessarily stereotypical but something recognizable as uniquely *that place*. September's city is San Francisco, where I've visited twice now. The delicate victorian row houses scattered throughout the city were definitely my inspiration.

I decided to showcase the Painted Ladies because they highlight the steep city streets, and the more modern towers of downtown can be seen in the background from the right angle.

I have another SF design to do for the Library volume debut in January and I'm angling for something Chinatown. What's your favorite spot in San Francisco?

Our calendars are now available for sale in our Etsy shop.

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