Greetings from 2012: Paris

Designing the Paris page was a task near and dear to my heart - I lived there for nearly two years after college. How can you possibly decide on one thing - there are bridges, landmarks, canals, booksellers, gardens, boulangeries, streetscapes, and so much more to draw upon for inspiration!

I have sketches of the iron lattice work on the Eiffel tower from an attempt years ago to design an Eiffel Tower decorative card. It didn't work. Instead, I turned back to another long-time obsession - rooftops.

The Haussmann unified facades, collections of teeny tiny little chimneys, plant-strewn balconies, mansard roofs with the maids' rooms beneath (nowadays students - who else would voluntarily climb seven flights to get home each day).

I love the result. To me these buildings define Paris in much the same way that stooped brownstones do in Brooklyn, or the narrow tilted canal houses do in Amsterdam.

And now I'm ready to design another! Metro signage?

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