Greetings from 2012 - Philly

Albertine Press is located in Boston so we have some appreciation for historical importance of a place (our studio windows look out onto the hill where the first American flag was raised during the revolutionary war). So deliving into the historical richness of Philadelphia for our calendar was second nature.

The Liberty Bell seemed a bit cliché but Robert Indiana's love sculpture (commissioned for the US bicentennial) seemed the perfect monument to represent the city of brotherly love. And how perfect for Feburary!

I thought about doing another city skyline, and may still, when we release the designs as a note set.

In the end I sketched Independence Hall, the juxtoposition of the two rounding out two centuries of the city's impressive history.

Our 2012 postcard calendar is now for sale in our Etsy shop. We will also it for sale at all of our holiday markets listed in the sidebar.

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