Somewhere over the rainbow - an IGF journey

As the gift fair neared to a close, I expected to bring Sadie along for another of her round-ups, but was disappointed when she told me that morning, "Mommy, I don't want to go to your booth today." Who could blame her when Bubbie was promising adventures at parks and riverside lunches.

In her honor I do a post about rainbows, which I'd already picked out as our mission. There are really so many items across the spectrum (ha!) which come in a rainbow palette. Plus the bright, primary grab of a rainbow display is hard to resist. Without further ado, an IGF journey somewhere over the rainbow:

Letterpress Library by Albertine Press;

Tags by 9spotmonk; donburi bento box by (ack! can't find the business card - sorry!); teapots and dishware by Yedi Housewares;

Totes by Flip and Tumble; signage from the Mexico designers' pavilion; desk accessories by Suck UK;

Washi tape by Mark's Tokyo Edge;

Clock by Karlsson; tote by Fluf; silverware by Guzzini;

Glasses, bracelets and coasters by Tina Frey Designs; woodland animals by Lovi; candles by Skeem;

Booth display by Nervous System; vases by Jill Rosenwald Studio, pencils distributed by Brand Node;

Card by The Great Lakes
What's your favorite rainbow product?

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Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

My favorites would have to be the rainbow-handled cutlery, the colored pencils, and that fun last poster (from The Rainbow Connection, right?)!