Pilgrimage to May Day Studio

Yesterday I was excited to finally get up to Montpelier, Vermont to visit with Kelly at May Day Studio, and of course the newest letterpress baby, Bea.

The drive up was hours of green blanketed hills, so pretty. And Montpelier is a charming little town with only local mom and pop shops, so refreshing to see. We got a city tour that included the gold-domed statehouse (a staple for any New England capitol) and "church row." My favorite was this mosaic steeple.

No Vermont trip would be complete without a trip to the Ben and Jerry's factory!

Of course the highlight of the trip was visiting May Day Studio with Kelly and three month old Bea, who made fast friends with Emily (at nine months, excited to be the "big" kid). 

I love exploring other folks' studios, seeing what inspiration they hang on their walls, how they organize their space, looking through piles of misprints and offcuts.

Thank you, Kelly, for inviting me into your space!

www.maydaystudio.com is a letterpress and bookbinding studio. Check out their letterpress workshops, too.

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